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Between the Stones - Education & Outreach: ‘Getting to Noh’ Events

Noh is classical Japanese theatre that combines elements of dance, drama, music and poetry into one highly aesthetic form of art that has been performed continuously for over 650 years. 

A common response to noh from non-Japanese, echoed by many Japanese, is that they do not understand noh. Our vision is not only to help others understand the wonderful art of noh, and how it has been preserved and continuously performed for the past six centuries, but also to highlight that it is a living art form that serves to reflect contemporary societies worldwide. English language noh, developed over the last 40 years, has given particular focus to the latter while using the traditions that have been handed down over the centuries in Japan.

Our project aims also to reach a wide range of people. The 'Getting to Noh' educational and outreach programme of activities runs through the phases of the project and parallel to the development of the new noh. We hope it will enable and contribute to further discussion, and provide an up-close understanding of noh. 

Events held in 2018 and 2019 are also a precursor to the performance tour being planned for 2020 as part of the Japan Season of Culture in the UK and Japan.

We will update this list as the project develops. We hope those who join us at these events will enjoy and gain some value in participating in the discussion of 'Getting to Noh from Page to Stage'.

We are delighted to be part of the Japan-UK Season of Culture and to encourage others to enjoy the art of noh through our work.


Japan Season of Culture

Next event in the Getting to Noh from Page to Stage Education and Outreach Programme:

16 March 2019 | time tbc | (Public Event) Japanese Garden Society Midlands Region Talk, Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

Future project-related events

We are in discussion about a number of other education and outreach events for 2019 and 2020. If you would like us to undertake an event for either public or educational engagement in 2019-20 please feel free to contact us. Although our time is limited, wherever we can, we will happily consider genuine requests within the framework of the project.

Completed Phase 1 & 2 Events:

10 February 2019 | 5pm-6.30pm (Public Event) Booking through ARTA is necessary. Performance Demonstration talk - staging Between the Stones. Venue: Arta, Association de Recherche des Traditions de l'acteur. Cartoucherie de Vincennes, Route du Champ de Manoeuvre, 75012 Paris, France

8 February 2019 | 7.30pm (Public Event) (Phase 2) Performance Demonstration and talk - staging Between the Stones. Venue: Mill Theatre, Dublin, Ireland

6 February 2019 | 6pm-8.30pm (Invitation only)
(Phase 2) Performance Demonstration talk - staging Between the Stones. Venue: Embassy of Japan, London

5 February 2019 | 7pm-8.30pm (Public Event)
(Phase 2) Performance Demonstration talk - staging Between the Stones. Venue: the British Library, London

2 February 2019 | 10am-1pm (Student workshop)
Introductory Talk and Performance Workshop for BA Acting Students of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London

East 15 student project | 22-25 January 2019
Lecture & student project work related to writing for noh. BA World Performance students, East 15 Acting School, University of Essex. (See also the work undertaken last year associated with the Noh time like the present... project in the project report.)

15 December 2018 | 2pm-3:30pm (Public Event)
(Phase 1) Illustrated Talk and Reading of Between the Stones. Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford. Presenters: Jannette Cheong, Nick Sanders, Henrietta Heald

4 December 2018 | 7:15pm-8:45pm (Public Event)
(Phase 1) Illustrated Talk and Reading of Between the Stones. The British Library, London

8-16 November 2018 | The Coventry Young Ambassadors’ ‘Peace Trees’ Exhibition, Coventry Cathedral. 180 peace poem furin (wind chimes) created by five Coventry Primary Schools are on display at Coventry Cathedral during the week marking Armistice Day, 100 years on... The peace poem exhibition is inspired by Between the Stones, but the artwork of both the wind chimes and tanzaku poem cards have all been created by the children. Thanks goes to John Lewis & Partners who have donated the three of the ‘peace’ trees.

27 October 2018 | 2:30pm-4:30pm (Public Event)
(Phase 1) Illustrated Talk and Reading of Between the Stones,
International House, Manchester. Organised by the Japan Society Northwest. Presenter: Jannette Cheong

24 October 2018 | 5-7pm, Khalili Lecture Theatre
(Phase 1) Illustrated Talk, Reading of Between the Stones and discussion
SOAS-Japan Research Centre: Seminar Series, School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London. Presenters: Jannette Cheong, David Hughes, Paul Laikin and Clementine Laikin.

24 September 2018 | 10:30am-12:00pm (Community Outreach)
(Phase 1) Illustrated Talk and Reading of Between the Stones
Kilkenny Liberal Studies Group, Kilkenny. Presenters: Jannette Cheong, Christopher Heltzel.

23 September 2018 | 2.30pm-4:30pm (Public Event)
(Phase 1) Illustrated Talk and Reading of Between the Stones
Dublin, organised by the Ireland Japan Association at the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dr Tony Ryan Gallery, Ely Place, Dublin 2. Presenters: Jannette Cheong, Des Early, Christopher Heltzel.

21 September 2018 | 10:30am-4:30pm (Schools Project)
Under the auspices of Phase 1, and working with the Japan Society, London, we will begin the Coventry Primary Schools Workshop for schools selected for the 'School Links Peace Cities' project.

19 August 2018 | 1pm-2:30pm Public Event)
Illustrated Talk and Reading of Between the Stones
House Courtyard, Cragside House. Presenters: Gina Barnes, Jannette Cheong, David Hughes.

18 August 2018 | 2pm-3:30pm (Public Event)
Illustrated Talk and Reading of Between the Stones
Japan Gallery, Oriental Museum, University of Durham. Presenters: Gina Barnes, Jannette Cheong, David Hughes.

23 May 2018 | 2pm-3.30pm (Invitation Event)
Illustrated Talk and Reading of Between the Stones (in support of National Dying Matters Week), Marie Curie Hospice Hampstead, London. Presenters: Jannette Cheong & Paul Laikin

20 February 2018 | 6pm-8pm (Public Event)
Joint Illustrated Talk and Readings of Between the Stones and Emily
Handa Noh Theatre, Royal Holloway, University of London. Presenters: Ashley Thorpe and students for Emily; Jannette Cheong & Paul Laikin for Between the Stones.