Jason Sun & moon.png

An example of Illustrations from the Illustrated book Pagoda by Jannette Cheong, Illustrated by Jason Jameson (in preparation),

A long journey over
The long search complete
Driven far off course a life time
Apart, but for dreams
Changing seasons,
Years passed

Sun and moon at peace
At last, this journey ends
The autumn air clear
Like the early morning mist
Rising from the sea into luminous sky
- Night turns to dawn
— part of the Uta (final song) from Pagoda, by Jannette Cheong


Unanico is an internationally award-winning animation studio and production company, which is also currently co-producing an illustrated book and animation adaptation of Pagoda working in association with Jannette Cheong & Richard Emmert

Paul Laikin, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Unanico has been participating in the Between the Stones Project from the beginning - both encouraging Jannette in her work and in undertaking a number of readings jointly with Jannette. Paul is a former lawyer who represented Paramount, Universal and Disney, before transitioning to animation and live-action film production. Paul currently specialises in international film co-production. Paul is a multi-lingual, award-winning producer and screenwriter, following a 2014 WGA Award screenplay nomination for the acclaimed documentary drama No Place On Earth.