a new contemporary noh drama by Jannette Cheong and Richard Emmert 

co-produced in association with Unanico

This website will provide information about the development of our new project Between the Stones as well as bring together a number of existing materials relating to our past work, forthcoming events and news updates


The Between the Stones Project follows the journey of how a new noh, in traditional noh style, is created from 'page to stage'. The project has three main phases planned to last two years (2018-2020) to coincide with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the associated Japan Season of Culture.

'Getting to Noh' is our programme of education and outreach activities created in collaboration with our project partners and contributors to run in parallel with the development of Between the Stones. This enables us to share our experience of noh, and of the development and essence of our new noh, with many others. We, in turn, hope to learn much from our engagement with others.

Forthcoming Events

Hopefully, you may also have the chance to come and join us at one of the planned events to engage in discussion about 'What is noh?' and to find out how a new noh in traditional style is created from 'page to stage'... 

Past Work, ‘Getting to Noh’ and Other Noh-Related Activities


If you would like to collaborate with the Between the Stones Project do Contact us. We would be pleased to hear from those with a genuine interest in the project and its associated activities.