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Image and Photography by Jannette Cheong

Phase 3: Performance tour 2020

The 2020 Performance Tour is in preparation at present. We hope to include the following cities in Europe: London (Southbank Centre), Dublin, Umea and Paris; and in Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto and possibly one other city - in the same year. 

Subject to us raising sufficient funding, the tour will involve 21 collaborating artists from Japan, the USA and the UK, and we will perform both classical noh (as a han noh, or half noh) followed by the complete new noh - Between the Stones. We will decide which classical piece will be included in the programme at our Phase 2 workshop (Feb 2019) and announce this shortly after. In the past we performed Kiyotsune (in Europe) and Takasago in Asia - both before the full performance of Pagoda. Performing both classical and contemporary noh in the same programme allows the audience to gain some experience of similarities and differences between classical noh (sung in classical Japanese) and contemporary noh (sung in contemporary English) using traditional noh techniques. 

We hope that the performance tour can also include Hideta Kitazawa, noh mask maker from Tokyo. If so, as on previous tours, he will exhibit and give demonstration talks on noh mask making during the tour. 

If you would like to help sponsor the performance tour we would be very pleased to hear from you. Feel free to contact us. 


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Noh mask created by Hideta Kitazawa. Photography by Sohta Kitazawa