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Akira Matsui

Akira Matsui training at him home studio in Wakayama. Matsui sensei is a visiting professional shite actor to the Noh Training Project UK, and an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Holloway University of London.

Photography by Jannette Cheong

It all started when…

Richard Emmert met Ashley Thorpe after the Pagoda project... now we have a Noh Training Project in the UK and Ashley Thorpe is a member of Theatre Nohgaku and in 2017-18 he wrote and performed in his own noh play Emily.

Akira Matsui, who we might say is the UK's trainer of trainers! since he was one of Richard Emmert's teachers and has supported NTPUK now for a number of years. 


Noh Training in the UK

A Noh Training Project UK summer course takes place every year at the Royal Holloway University of London. Co-founders Richard Emmert (Artistic Director), Ashley Thorpe (Programme Director) and producer Laura Sampson (Administrator) run and organise the programme. Find out more about this year's programme.


Noh Training in Japan & USA

There are a number of noh training opportunities worldwide. If you are interested in learning more about noh in Japan or the USA there are Noh Training Projects that you can join.