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Project Contributors & Supporters

It will be a great pleasure to be working again with professional Japanese noh artists Kinue and Teruhisa Oshima and other Japanese artists, as well as Theatre Nohgaku members. 

We are also very pleased to be working with a wide network of collaborators and partners as part of our Between the Stones 'Getting to Noh from Page to Stage' programme of activities.

We were delighted to have enough support for us to complete Phases One & Two of the project. It has been a clear indication of interest from our partners and contributors in the project and we look forward to working with a number again, as we continue to complete the final Phase Three of the project and include as many activities as we can under the 'Getting to Noh' programme.  

We are especially grateful to the Japanese Embassy in London for their on-going support and encouragement, and to the Japan Foundation, Mitsubishi Corporation International (Europe) and Mitsubishi Electric Europe for being key sponsors to the European tour (Phase Three).

Collaborators and sponsors for all phases of the project to date include (in aphabetical order). : 

  • British Library (Outreach, UK)

  • Cragside House (Outreach, UK)

  • Coventry City (Primary Schools Project with the Japan Society)

  • East 15 Acting School /University of Essex (Education)

  • Embassy of Japan, London

  • Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation (Phase 2 Key Sponsor)

  • Guildhall School of Music & Drama (Education, Sponsorship in-kind)

  • Ireland Japan Association (Sponsor to all phases)

  • Japan Centre (Sponsor)

  • Japan Foundation (Phase 3 Key Sponsor)

  • Japanese Garden Society

  • Japan Society London (Education, and Phase 2 Sponsor)

  • Japan Society Northwest (Outreach)

  • John Lewis & Partners (Sponsor)

  • Kilkenny Liberal Studies Group (Outreach, Ireland)

  • Marie Curie Hospice Hampstead (Outreach)

  • Mitsubishi Corporation International (Europe) Plc (Phase 3 Key Sponsor)

  • Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. (Phase 2 & 3 Key Sponsor)

  • London Digital Print Ltd (Sponsor)

  • RED Partners (Sponsor)

  • Royal Holloway University of London Centre for Asian Theatre and Dance (Education)

  • Oriental Museum Durham University (Outreach/Education, UK)

  • Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford (Outreach/Education, UK)

  • Sawin & Edwards (Sponsor)

  • School of Oriental & African Studies (Education)

  • The Wind Chime Shop (Wind chimes used for the talks)


We are also extremely grateful for the on-going advice and support from many friends and colleagues especially (in alphabetical order): Philip Alfrey, Kimiko Aoki, Clive Barda, Des Early, Sam Eckersley, Odile Gars, Ian Greatorex, Lesley Hayman, Stewart Harrington, Henrietta Heald, Eva Heltzel, Christopher Heltzel, David Hills, David Hughes, Jason Jameson, Andrew King, Tsutomu Kimura, Paul Laikin, Casey Lovegrove, Graham Marchant, Stephen McEnally, Asuka Ozutsumi, Annie Pujo, Chris Rowe, Nick Sanders, Satoko Shibata, Darina Slattery, Ashley Thorpe and Anne-Marie Winton.