Congratulations to the Coventry Young Ambassadors!

The Coventry Young Ambassadors’ have completed their first peace project - 180 Peace Poem Furin (wind chimes)! Congratulations to all the children and their teachers for this wonderful achievement!

Do try to see the exhibition if you are in, or able to visit, Coventry! Here is the response from some of the teachers and head teachers…

Each school has done a fantastic job. As we were putting it up members of the public and cathedral staff were asking for more information about the children’s work. It will be on display until 16 November.

Many thanks for your help with this and we look forward to the next phases of the project.
— Rebecca Bollands, Deputy Head Teacher, Howes Primary School, Coventry
Wow! Stunning! So proud of all the contributors and all their hard work. Hoping to take my ambassadors down to see them next week.
Thanks for all your hard work Howes when putting them together!
— Tracy Bailey, Deputy Head Teacher, Park Hill Primary School, Coventry
I went to the Cathedral this afternoon and the display was certainly getting some attention. I’m not surprised!
— Paul Vickers, Year 4 Teacher, Park Hill Primary School, Coventry
They look stunning and so many members of the public approached me while I was there and said how much they liked the display. Well done all and thanks Howes in particular for all your work!
— Becky Fuller, Stivichall Primary School, Coventry
These are amazing - massive thank you to all the work that has gone into getting the display co-ordinated and ready - it’s a stunning thing - it really is!
Kindest regards
— Richard Machin, Head Teacher, Finham Primary School, Coventry
What a wonderful achievement. Our Year 5s are very much looking forward to our visit next week. Thank you for all of your hard work every body. Coventry schools have a great deal to feel proud of.
— Karen Ferguson, Head Teacher, Stivichall Primary School, Coventry
Coventry Young Ambassadors’ 180 Peace Poem Furin (wind chimes) at Coventry Cathedral,   8-16 November 2018

Coventry Young Ambassadors’ 180 Peace Poem Furin (wind chimes) at Coventry Cathedral, 8-16 November 2018