Oxford, Pitt Rivers Museum, 15 December 2018

It was almost ironic that Storm Deidre was passing through Oxford for this last reading and talk of 2018 given that the setting of ‘Between the Stones’ takes place in Kyoto in the middle of an autumnal typhoon! Nick, Henrietta and Andy were not put off by the storm when they read the piece, and we were pleased that others were also not deterred from attending! Our thanks to those who attended and for their interest. It was especially fulfilling for Jannette to revisit the Pitt Rivers following in Kitazawa-san’s footsteps who was here last year working with Andy and his team during the Noh time like the present tribute to Akira Matsui programme… sharing his wonderful mask making skills supported by the Japan Foundation.

Jannette, thank you again for a wonderful talk at the Pitt Rivers on Noh theatre, and the reading of your new play, which I was very honoured to read a part for. It is really wonderful that we are able to continue what is now a long term partnership, which has included talks and presentations in the Pitt Rivers Museum, and the amazing residencies by the master carver Hideta Kitazawa. I really hope we can continue this partnership into the future.
— Andrew McLellan, Head of Education