Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, Ireland

Jannette, supported by Christopher Heltzel and actor, Des Early, gave an introduction to noh and a reading of Between the Stones to members of the public and the Ireland Japan Association at the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin on 23 September 2018. There was a very good response and interesting questions from those who attended. We were delighted that a former-First Secretary to the Embassy of Ireland in Japan, Paul Murray, and his wife Elizabeth, were able to attend together with Mr Sou Watanabe from the Japanese Embassy in Dublin. By an amazing coincidence, Elizabeth, was a student at the same art school as Jannette, but even more surprising was that she knew the person on which the protagonist of Between the Stones is based!

We enjoyed your performance so much and the coincidences were simply amazing... Keep up the good work!
— Paul Murray, Former First Secretary to the Embassy of Ireland, Japan

A representative of Mill Theatre also attended, and subsequently Mill Theatre Manager, Kate Canning, has written to say they wish to host a Phase 2 Performance Development Event in Dublin on 8 February 2019. (Learn more…)

Our sincere thanks to the Ireland Japan Association, especially Ieva and Darina, for organising the Phase 1 event and for extending the initial invitation to Jannette.