2019 Getting to Noh - Guildhall School of Music and Drama Actor's Performance Workshop

1 February 2019

The second Getting to Noh event of 2019 was a student performance workshop with the BA Acting Students at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The students were fortunate to be able to work with the Between the Stones Creative Team: Richard Emmert, Teruhisa and Kinue Oshima at the invitation of Kenneth Rea.

The students worked on basic kata (movement patterns) and utai (chant) as well as some drum call patterns. They made good progress given the amount of time available and appeared to understand and benefit a great deal from the three-hour workshop. Dr Kenneth Rea who worked with us to arrange this workshop for the students wrote:

Dear Jannette,

I want to thank you and your team most sincerely for the wonderful Noh workshop that you ran for our Guildhall students last Saturday. I had hoped that my students would gain an understanding of the discipline, presence and concentration of Noh actors, and the workshop delivered all of that brilliantly. For the students it was an inspiring event that, I’m sure they will draw on for many years to come.
— Dr Kenneth Rea
Comments from three students:

Hi Ken,
Just wanted to say I appreciated the workshop it was a great opportunity to learn and experience a skilled Japanese art form. I took away many things from that workshop but one thing I want to point out is how technical and kind of physically tiring it was to have stage presence which I want to bring to my work.
Emanuel Vuso

Dear Ken,
Yesterday’s workshop was lovely and a privilege. Thank you once again for always getting the best for us.

Hi Ken,
It was so wonderful to watch the Noh actors perform and be welcomed to join in and learn from their process. I especially loved the dance/choreography we were taught as it helped me centre and focus my energy and concentration.

See you soon,
— Comments from students: Emanuel, Chirag and Lucy