2019 Getting to Noh - ARTA, Cartoucherie, Paris

10 February 2019

Our thanks to Giulia Pesole, and Artistic Directors Lucia Bensasson and Jean Francois Dusigne, for inviting us to ARTA, Association de Recherche des Traditions de l'acteur in Paris. As with our other visits during the week, in Paris people also had to brave strong winds as they travelled to the Cartoucherie to see our presentation at ARTA. It was lovely to see such a variety of people, many of whom spoke so positively to us about our work after the presentation. We thank them all for their kind and encouraging comments. We would also like to thank Veronique, who by chance was in the audience and is a professional translator from Japanese into French and English! Many thanks for your very kind contribution, Veronique!

After the workshop the team had the wonderful opportunity to have a meeting with Ariane Mnouchkine, founder of Théâtre du Soleil and Vice-President of ARTA, at Théâtre du Soleil which is just a stone's throw from ARTA!

We look forward to working again with ARTA in future.