2019 Getting to Noh - dlr Mill Theatre, Dumdrum, Dublin

8 February 2019

Many people braved ‘Storm Erik’ to come to see us at dlr Mill Theatre, Dundrum in Dublin. We were very pleased to arrive in Dublin (safe and sound after a difficult landing by a very skilful pilot!) because the Mill Theatre audience was extremely warm and hospitable!

A huge thanks to the Ireland Japan Association and Mill Theatre staff, especially Manager Kate Canning, for all their efforts. On the night more than 150 people turned up in the bad weather to the presentation event. We were also grateful to the number of friends who travelled up from Kilkenny to support us! Kate had also kindly arranged for a professional photographer to take the shots (pictured below) - our thanks to them both!

There were a number of questions at the end of the presentation. A lot of interest in understanding noh and the new piece had been generated judging by the number of people who stayed behind to ask further questions and to pass on their thanks to the team! We are very grateful to them all for their interest and to Kate for the kind invitation.

After the performance we met a number of members of the Ireland Japan Association. It was a particular special honour to meet the oldest Japanese person who has ever lived in Dublin - Yoshiko Ushioda, who has a fascinating history! You can read more about her life in the attached article.

Performance Presentation Event, dlr Mill Theatre, Dundrum, Dublin - 8 February 2019. Photographs courtesy of Mill Theatre.